GranTrack FAQs


What is GranTrack?

GranTrack is a project management and data tracking tool, optimized for municipal and county government workflows to monitor and execute the grants lifecycle from identification of funding opportunities to closeout of grant awards.

Who is GranTrack for?

Municipalities, Counties, Boards of Education, Non-profits 501 (c )(3) Organizations, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Faith Based Organizations, Tribal Governments, and/or Civic Groups that want help with any portion of their Grant Application or Administration process.

How do I get started with GranTrack?

Our Full Clients will have access to view grant programs and applications. An invitation will be sent to your primary contact. If you are interested in Grant Administration Service, please contact our sales team.

Features & Functionality

What are the key features of GranTrack?

GranTrack allows for the review of grant programs and summaries, dissemination of the grant summaries via email to stakeholders, tracking of grant notifications through the application lifecycle until final decision (i.e., awarded or not awarded), and generation of real-time memos. Our forthcoming Award Administration functionality will allow Clients to track awarded grants via a workflow. GranTrack will also store your relevant Grant documents and provide analytics surrounding your grants process.

Are there any tutorials or user guides available?

Tutorials and user guides for GranTrack are forthcoming.

Can I customize GranTrack to fit my needs?

GranTrack already provides a curated view of grant programs, applications, and awards specific to your organization. Additional customizations are not available at this time.

Technical Requirements

What are the system requirements for GranTrack?

GranTrack runs optimally on any current web browser including (Chrome, Edge, Opera, Foxfire, Safari, DuckDuckGo, and IE).

Is GranTrack compatible with [specific operating system or platform]?

As long as you have access to a web browser, then you’ll be able to access GranTrack.

Pricing & Licensing

Is GranTrack free? If not, what are the pricing options?

Our clients have free and on-demand access to view Programs and Applications. Access to Grant Administration may be an additional cost. Contact our sales team today to find out more.

Do you offer a free trial or demo version?

All of our clients have free access to Programs and Applications. For Access to Award Administration, please contact our sales team.

Support & Troubleshooting

How do I contact support if I encounter an issue?

As a full client, you can contact your assigned Account Manager and our team will escalate.

Where can I find the knowledge base?

The knowledge base for GranTrack will be forthcoming.

How do I report a bug or request a feature?

Contact your Account Manager to report bugs or request features.

Updates & Maintenance

How often is GranTrack updated?

The data present in GranTrack is updated daily. If infrastructural updates to GranTrack become necessary, our team will notify clients.

Will my data be preserved when updating GranTrack?

Yes! This data is backed up in accordance with standard AWS procedures.

Security & Privacy

How is my data protected in GranTrack?

GranTrack is protected by AWS cloud security.

What is your privacy policy?

We follow CCPA and GDPR privacy regulations.


Are there any integration options with other software or services?

GranTrack does not have any integrations at this time.

Can I access GranTrack on mobile devices?

At this time, GranTrack can only be access through a web browser.

Do you offer any training or webinars?

Yes! Training is available with your dedicated Grant Manager.